first part: Champagne! 1829 – 1969 (86')
1995: sit-down strike, the death knell of the shipyard is rung. This emotionally charged diagnosis sharply contrasts with the story of the company's growth and burgeoning. A story of constantly increasing ships' tonnage. Of wooden boats making room for sophisticated state of the art gas tankers. Of an ever increasing number of yards and employees - at some point, there is over 3,000 of them. The ships in the yard take shape from the keel to the crow's nest, from top to bottom.

second part: Elation 1969 – 1986 (81')
These are the wonder years! A just and righteous world is within reach, social relations are changing… The class-conscious worker not only stands up for his rights against his employer, there are also tensions with the official trade union big shots. Combative syndicalism is gradually replaced by consultative syndicalism. And in the meantime, the company is getting into trouble.


third part: Hangover 1986 – 1997 (83')
Virtually bankrupt, then really bankrupt, sit-down strike, bankrupt again, second sit-down strike, liquidation, the final ships… When giving an account of this process of dying, questions on 'labour and future' emerge. For fear of seeing our material welfare evaporate, we no longer dare to wonder about meaningful labour.

bonus: Woord / Vuist / Lied (35')
(in Dutch without subtitles)

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